Pettavel News

During recent years, Pettavel premium wines have been used by 5 Australian Prime Ministers to entertain guests on national banquet. Many wines have been awarded excellent high points by James Halliday and rating has been published on Wine Companion website. 

Pettavel is committed to providing high-level wines continuously and is constructing an iconic winery in Yarra Valley.

Recerive Great Ratings in Halliday Wine Companion

On 1st August, the Halliday Wine Companion Awards was held and Pettavel as the five-star winery has achieved another landmark as all wines from three Pettavel vineyards and received great ratings. In October, Pettavel wines were also booked for a 400 people event held by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Yarra Valley Winery & Restaurant Approval

On the 7th June 2017, the application of Development of the Yarra Valley Winery & Restaurant made by Pettavel was approved by the local government. The Prime Minister personally signed on the design of the project with his congratulations for the Yarra Valley icon.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Chose Pettavel

On 8th April 2016, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, with 1000 business elites, celebrated the 20 years anniversary of the John Howard political life. Pettavel wines were used and Pettavel gift packs were presented to both Prime Ministers on the event.

Pettavel Acquired Staughton Vale Winery

Pettavel took over Staughtonvale Estate in Anakie. The property is next to the famous Fairy Park, a tourism icon on the Western side of Melbourne. The Estate not only produces excellent grapes, but it also is a pioneer of winery tourism business offering full services including accommodation in Victoria.

Pettavel Wine was Selected for Prime Minister Party

Pettavel Wine was selected for the Premiere party in Melbourne in July 2013. Around 300 outstanding people including Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Bob Hawke waere in the party. Outstanding Melbourne business people were awarded for their contribution to local economic development.

Super Mission to China Succesfully for Pettavel

As a delegate participating in a Super Mission to China, Pettavel Australia showcased its premium wines to Chinese wine dealers at expos in Tianjin and Shanghai from the 21st to 23rd of October.