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The most influencial vigneron of the time in Australia.
James Halliday
Pettavel is a major landmark in the Geelong region.
James Halliday
Australian wine critic


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Pettavel Wines has had the honour of entertaining three Prime Ministers of Australia in the past 10 years:
John Howard visited Geelong Pettavel Restaurant in April 2004.
Bob Hawke and Kevin Rudd both presented awards for outstanding business people in Melbourne in July 2013.

Since 1842

Created a chapter in winemaking in Victoria

Pettavel Group is based in Victoria of Australia, holding the Pettavel vineyard (Strathmore), Yarra Glen Vineyards (Meroo) and also Pettavel Agribusiness Investment that is associated with Austar International Pty Ltd. The historical origins of Pettavel Wines date back to 1842 when David Pettavel, a Swiss winemaker, settled in the Geelong region and pioneered the planting of vines.