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In 1842, the fourth generation of Swiss winemaker successor David Pettavel established the Pettavel Vineyard and led the entire Geelong region to become Australia’s largest wine growing region. David Pettavel was one of the founders of Australian wine industry. 

Mr David Pettavel’s passion and love for wine has been passed down from generation to generation. Now Pettavel Wines, as a 5 star winery, is poised to create excellent wines as well as wineries. 

A Historical Winery in Australia

The Story

Mr. David Louise Pettavel,leading a group of vigerons from Switzerland, established one of Australia’s earliest wine regions in Geelong and then Yarra Valley. Together these men built an unprecedented glory of winemaking in the new world. The development history and entrepreneurship of Pettavel has been recorded as one of the three pioneers in Australian wine industry. His achievements have also been marked in the annals of history, and even recorded in 《The Australian People》etc. His award-winning papers have also been published in the world and kept in all major libraries around the world.


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A Legend




Pettavel landed in Geelong Australia in 1842 and started his pioneer-ship in his winemaking adventure. He then returned to Switzerland to convince family and friends to expand  the vineyards and wine production to other areas. This is where the legend begun in the largest wine region ever in Australia.Pettavel Vineyards, well covered by Cool Climate Wine Regions, produces  premium wines for domestic and international market. Blessed by warmer days and cool nights, nature has provided wine grapes at its best for making outstanding wines. Pettavel is the landmark winery that keeps winemaking legend alive.Great wines can only be made from great grapes. Grown in our own vineyards blessed by beautiful cool climate and ample sunlight, our grapes are cultivated to be the perfect ingredient of great wines. With individual characters and typical regional features, the fruits demonstrate complex flavours and are naturally delicious.

So far, Pettavel wines has had a relationship with five prime ministers in history. Many wines have been rated as high-scoring by James Halliday and are participating in the Langton wine rating.  Pettavel is committed to providing  all the information and knowledge about Pettavel wines as you wish。