About Pettavel Australia

Pettavel Group is based in Victoria of Australia with the headoffice located in Melobourn CBD. Pettavel Group holds Geelong winery estate, Yarra Glen Vineyard ( Meroo) and Pettavel agribusiness investment.  

Pettavel wine boasts historical roots back to 1842 when David Pettavel, a Swiss winemaker, settled in the Geelong region and pioneered in the planting of vines. Re-Established in 1987, Geelong Winery Estate trading as Pettavel Vineyard is 50 km south-west from Melbourne CBD, 25 km from Melbourne Avalon airport and 20 km north from Geelong. Sitting on a 3 km frontage to the Moorabool River and amid the nature’s Eden Park frequenting koalas and kangaroos, the 129 ha vineyard is truly blessed by the warm sunny days and cool evening breezes. 

Yerra Glen Vineyard(Meroo vineyard) is located just North side of Yarra Glen township and about 50KM from Melbourne CBD. Yarra valley is also the most famous tourist attraction in Australia.The vienyard land used to be part of Gulf Station, first farm in Victoria history in 1838. This 80ha vineyard was planted in 1993-1997 and produce premium grapes for local premioum winery. The vineyard is surrounded by hills and is naturlly divided into 12 natural blocks by creaks both of Dixons and steels. The vinyard has near 2 km border with Melba high way that becomes part of  landmark inarea. 


Pettavel Wine had the honor to entertain three Australian Prime Ministers in past years, including John Howard in Geelong Pettave resturant in 2004 , Bob Hawke and Kevin Rudde In Melbounne  Pallament in 2013.