Estate Grown, Estate Made for Five Star Quality

complex expressive cool climate wines

Our estate grown grapes provide confidence in our wines, as great wines can only be made from great grapes. Grown in our own vineyards blessed by beautiful cool climate and ample sunlight, our grapes are cultivated to be the perfect raw material of great wines. With individual characters and typical regional features, these fruits demonstrate complex flavors and are naturally delicious.

Our wine making process has been designed to keep minimal human intervention, ensuring that regional and varietal characters are captured, retained and emphasized in all of our wines.

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The wine label of Pettavel Reserve has a crown on the top, symbolizing the superb quality in each bottle. The reserve wines were only made in excellent vintages as limited edition. Grapes are hand-picked from premium old-vine vineyards. The premium grapes, blessed by the cool nights with sunny days, are the essence of the top quality. The wines were made with oak barrel to elevate the beauty and aroma. A true celebration of the great giving of nature to man- kind and a showcase of the art in winemaking.


The golden bull on top of the Pettavel premium wine labels symbolizes the persistence of Pettavel in the pursuit of premium wine quality.
Experienced professionals supervises the whole process from the vineyard operation to harvest, from fermentation to finishing, to ensure the gift of nature were best transformed from fruits to wine.


Pettavel Estate Wines, using the actual Yarra Glen Winery design on the wine label, are the true demonstration of “Estete Grown, Estate Made” wines. They are also fine examples of agriculture & winemaking consistency from premium wine region.
The grapes of Pettavel Estate Wines are all selected from single vineyards where all process of winemaking is under tender loving care.


Pattavel Meroo Wines, named after Meroo Vineyard in Yarra Valley, is series of Pettavel Featured Wines. From Sparkling wine to Rose, from Late Harvest Riesling to Red Romantic, Meroo collection has offered choices for wine lovers of sweet and colourful. Coupled with unforgettable experience, they provide the true value for these aromatic wines.